Electronic program guide

I am not satisfied with smart tv and looking for the alternative of smart tv. I can select and watch the movie or program of my choice at my convenient time through the feature of electronic program guide in smart tv. This feature is available in another service? I want rewind the channel and select the program of my choice through menu. The Hollywood movies with Urdu subtitles or in dubbed form are available in any tv service?


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Unfortunately Smart tv is the only one that meets your requirements.

Dare I say this that the politicians and policy makers in Pakistan are all sold out to Indian DTH service providers and they do not let any policy decision happen that would allow private companies to start DTH services based from Pakistan.

This is the price we have to pay for living in Pakistan. Live with it :(
Hollywood movies with Urdu subtitles would only be found on DVD or VCD's from the rental shops. I dont think any service provider has such features for Hollywood movies, you would get the English subtitles but not Urdu subtitles.