Evo Nitro Cloud 9.3 Mbps Review

I brought the PTCL Nitro Cloud device a few days ago and thought I would my review about it, so that it would help others to know about it as well.

First of all the device can easily connect up to five devices without any disturbance in the speed which includes mobiles, laptops, desktops, tablets and others.

The PTCL Nitro Cloud gives speeds of 9.3Mbps, so speed is no issue and in fact I think it is the best I have used so far and no lagging in speeds either.

The battery last a good 10 hours, so there is not much issue when you are on the go that the battery will finish or have problems if there is no electricity.

Above all because it is PTCL is available across Pakistan there is no issue regarding coverage.

It is a device and connection which I would defiantly recommend. Money well spent.

PTCL for sure is an excellent service provider, and with WiFi connections being so much popular now and being used by the whole family, this is a connection which won't let you down.

Although with time there are now many service providers who have come up with better plans and WiFi devices.