Free VPN accounts for members


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We at Pakistan Broadband Forum has completed a year since we started this forum and we have seen a lot of success in the year gone by and seen a lot of visitors using our tutorials and guides to troubleshoot their problems.

We have now decided to provide free VPN accounts to the first 50 members who complete 1000 posts on this forum.

You may have these questions in mind:

How much would be the data limit?

These accounts will have a limit of 200GB per month per account.

What speed can I expect?

The server we would use will have a dedicated 500Mbps port and we will have 100 accounts on this server so you can expect to max out your own connection speed every time you use the VPN so in real terms the bottleneck will be your own connection not the VPN connection.

How long would the VPN account be free for?

Your VPN account will remain active for two years from the date we give you the login details.

Can I extend the validity by making a payment?

No you cannot. It is a free account.

Can I get it extended beyond two years some how?

Yes you will get an extension of another two years when your post count reaches 2000+

If you have any questions then please fire away and I will be happy to answer any queries that you may have.

If you already have 1000 posts then please PM me and I will create an account for you. Those who dont have 1000 posts yet they can send me a PM once their count reaches 1000 but spamming on the forum is not welcome.