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Dear all !
  • Me FACING problem (CALL OF DUTY-) download new one but can play only two time .every time install its play twice only
  • IGI2 playing on network problem

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Are you playing on an Xbox or on a PC? If it is on PC then which version of COD and what operating system are you using. Also it would help if you could provide information like what error message do you get or is it some particular map that does not load on second launch?


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Dear All !

"Call of Duty Black Ops II" can not play on LAPTOP Sony Vaio Core i5 (3320), 2.6 Ghz (22nm), Model sve1513, 91GB Hard disk free in C drive ,6 GB RAM , Intel VGA HD GRAPHICS 4000, Approx VGA Memory 1792MB (1366x768), WIN 8.1, DirectX 11.0
I already installed and update "steam" with username password but it never execute .
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