Get your sim re-verified

Strict decisions and actions have been made after the Peshawar attack took place, and PTA have ordered that all sims should be re verified and this action took place from January 12th 2015. The reason for this action is so that there would be no more illegal sims which are used for acts in terrorism. So far around 14 million sims have been blocked by PTA.
Any sim card which is not verified within 90 days will be deactivated permanently, so the final date for users to verify your sim is until 14th April 2015.
In order to re verify your sim users need to go to their nearest service centre where the sim would be verified via bio metric system.

That is another hassle, I have three sim cards which I use from different service providers. These 14 million sim cards which have been blocked is it because they were illegal?
I would have not known about this if I didnt happen to visit the forum. Can we go to any mobile phone store to get the sim card verified?