Guide to configure wifi Router with PTCL modem


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I am going to use a TP-Link router here for writing these steps but these are generic so these steps can be used to configure any router with your PTCL modem. We would also change the IP address for the router and disable router from getting an IP automatically which in other words mean disabling DHCP on the router.

1.Plug in your routers power cable and turn it on.

2.Now that your router is turned on you need to connect this router to your computer using an Ethernet cable. Please connect using the LAN port.

3.Your computer will establish a connection with the router automatically as DHCP is enabled on the router by default.

4. Open Firefox or whatever browser you use for surfing websites and type in the routers default IP address in the address bar which in our case is as we are using a TP link router. Please find out what the default IP is for your router from the user manual if you are using a different brand.

5. You would see a log in prompt and your default id and pass word are both "admin" without the quotes. Once you hit enter after entering admin in both the fields you would see the admin console on your browser.

6. Go to the LAN option listed under Network and change the IP address to and save. The reason we are doing this is because your PTCL modems IP address is and we don't want a conflict resulting into a mess. Once you save the new IP address your router will automatically reboot.

7. Once your router is restarted you need to open the admin console again but this time you would need to use the new IP address that we have changed it to which is and again enter the same user name and password which is "admin" and you will see the admin console again.

8. Go t the option that says Wireless Settings and you would see the SSID field. Please change it to something more individual because that's the name you would see when you are looking for your WiFi network and please don't use any rude words as this can be seen by every one who lives near by :) Use some thing like "My home network" or something on those lines.

9. Change the country to Pakistan or where ever you live and rest of the settings can be left to whatever the default is.

10. Now go to the Wireless security option to make sure no unauthorized people are able to access your WiFi network. Choose wpa-psk option as it is reasonably secured unless some hacking top shot lives near by you are pretty safe using this option. You can choose the encryption option TKIP or AES.

11.Enter the PSK pass phrase that you can remember and try using alphabets and numbers to make sure people are not able to guess it. It is generally safer to choose a non dictionary set of alphabets that make no sense.

12. Go to DHCP option and click on disable.

13. Your Router is ready to use, now just plug the Ethernet with modem.

14. Save everything and now go to Tools and click on reboot. This will restart your modem using the new settings that we have saved in all the above stept.

15. Your router is now all set and all you need to do is connect the router with the modem using an Ethernet cable. You can now take out the cable that connects to router with your computer and use the wifi network that we have created to use the internet.

If you have further questions then please post a reply here and I would be more then happy to help you every step of the way if you are still not able to get it right.

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UPDATE: I have written a guide for configuring a PTCL adsl broadband modem that you can use to configure your modem with PTCL adsl broadband connection.

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Salam,this is Saim Mughal sir tell me that is there any way that I connect my tp link router with ptcl modem by using wifi signal of ptcl wireless modem not by ethernet cabal if u have any way then plz tell me my email is ***.
Bro, I did by using ptcl wireless signal and it connected with tp link and tp link wireless modem also through signal the around a near area but there was a problem that was it did not browse it this thing I did not understand it and I am to find the solution of this problem.
Me using TP-Link Mr-3420 Router. Issue is when going to connect using notebook Wifi, it shows "limited connectivity" until I reboot router. How to configure router so it directly connects without reboot each and everytime?


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Hi Noman,

To enable your router to connect automatically you would need to enable DHCP as PPPoE would need manual dialing under normal circumstances. I hope this helps.
Hi admin
Actually my problem is that I have just bought a ptcl wifi modem, which later on didnt give me range, they say that it is around 10 meters range but the range is only covering the TV lounge area where I have installed my modem. I was then told to buy TPlink router, I bought the router TL-WR841N and I installed it, the result was the same range I got by the ptcl wifi. I couldnt even use it it my room. what should I do?


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There seems to be some manufacturing defect. Have you contacted the manufacturer's customer support? If it is still under warranty then get it replaced else get your local computer repair shop have a look into it for you.
Me using TP-Link Mr-3420 Router. Issue is when going to connect using notebook Wifi, it shows "limited connectivity" until I reboot router. How to configure router so it directly connects without reboot each and everytime?
You need to enable DHCP and it would dial automatically.

I have ptcl modem that is not connecting to the internet my kids reset it by its reset button now i am unable to even connect it by cable? Can u please help me to find solution to this problem? Ip address is also not connecting. No connection is can be established at all. Please help I request to ptcl office to please set up my modem but no one came to help me. Kindly help me to find out its setup.


Need help to set my ptcl modem. from 0
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Every modem and router has a reset button either at the back side of the modem or underneath it. Please make sure you have all the settings handy before you reset it if you have to. Resetting by pressing the reset button will restore all the factory settings including the default user name and password.


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I don't know the settings ... I knew resetting would make it default factory ..... Is there any other way..? Or kindly if u know the settings let me know


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Omer brother this thread I wrote is for exactly that purpose. Please check the top of this page, all the settings and step by step instructions are posted up there.

Have you tried admin as user name and password as password?
Hi im farooq i hve different network. My questions is this can i use my ptcl network to another network. On that dedicated network i hve photocopier specific ip. So i need to join ptcl network because those users have using ptcl internet they can also send the print jobs to my network. Is it possible Please answer me Thanks


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I do not understand your question very well but if you are asking if a print job can be sent over the internet then no it cannot unless you have some specialized software running at both ends that enables you to do that.
Dear, will u plz tell me k PTCL broadband Router me wo settings ks trah krty hen js ke wja se agr hmen majburan kse ko apne Wifi ka paswrd dena bhe pary to wo connect b ho jaye usky pass bt after some seconds wo disconnect hota rahy means continous us client ko signals na mlen.
to agr is trah ke koi setings hoti hn to Kindly mjy guide kijye, will be thankful to u
basically mere pas 2 network chal rahe he ek dedicated line he internet ki jis par ek specific ip dekar printing machine ko har user ke liye enable kia huwa he dosra mene ptcl lia he jis par users wirelessly connect hote he me ye pochna chah raha hn kia me apni photocopier par do ips chala sakta hn ek sath ya ptcl ke net ko dosre dedicated net se mila sakta hn.


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bro i have two modems of ptcl and i want to configure those two modems on one line kya me ye configure kr skta hn me ny jo aap ny uper method diya hai wo apply kiya hai but problem is same jab aik modem hota hai tou wo chalta hai but jab dono at a time on krien tou dono ya aik bnd ho jata hai modem browsing krna please help as soon as possible i am waiting fr your reply ??


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Hi Sufian,

You cannot use two modems on the same adsl line at the same time. If you want multiple connections you can use a modem with an inbuilt router and connect whatever you want with that router. If you can explain what is it exactly that you are trying to do then I would be able to advise you on this.


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Yes you can use two wifi routers and configuration would be exactly the same as mentioned above. The only problem being you would have to connect both the routers with ptcl modem using a LAN cable and running long cables defeat the whole purpose of going wireless.

From what I understand you want to cover a larger area with your wifi network and for that you should use one wifi router as a base station and then use a wifi repeater to extend the network. I use a netgear wifi extender/repeater and it works perfectly. Wifi repeater will recieve signals from your main router and create a new network of its own hence extending the area where you can use wifi.

Please do let me know if you have more queries on this.


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Awsome i really like it. Perfect solution for my problem
keep it up. :)

I wanna ask one more thing can i connect ptcl router with ptcl router to increase my wireless network. Like one ptcl is giving me wifi signal but these signal cant work on my third portion and i have spare ptcl router can i connect the spare one with with ethernet to increase my wireless network.
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Yes you can connect a router with your existing router and create a new wifi zone but you will need to run a cable to the new router unless it has a repeater function. There are repeaters available that you can buy for this specific purpose so you wont need any cables and the repeater will connect to your existing wifi network and will create a new wifi zone for covering an extended area.
dear how can i block sexual contents from my ptcl wifi network, so that every device connected to the wifi will not able to open the porn sites.
Sir i made another access point by the settings you suggested but it has slow down my internet speed..
It was 4mb package but when i made an access point the speed is always less than 2mb sometimes less than 1mb
when i unplug the ethernet wire from the secondary router than the speed goes fine..
What should i do to get good speed while using both routers as Repeater as access point
i am mentioning that both routers are ptcl and the repeater router supports access point..
Sir I have a ptcl router should i apply these setting in ptcl router?

sir i have a ptcl router should i apply these setting into ptcl router? i want to use ptcl router as tp link router
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Sir how are i hope you'll be fine
Sir mary paxx mary neighbour ka Wifi password ha mgr channels fix hony ki waja sy ma connect nhi kr paa raha.
you have any solution?
Dear I have been doing the above mentioned process again and again but still the log in prompt keeps coming again and again.
Please help. I want to change no. of users to connect to the network.