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I have launched this new forum today to help people with their broadband related problems like setting up their modems or routers, Setting up a wifi network or help with choosing an appropriate broadband, DTH or mobile service provider besides other things.

I searched a lot in the last few days but there is no forum for us Pakistanis completely dedicated towards broadband connectivity and related stuff like DTH and mobile phones services so after looking around a lot decided to set up our own broadband forum.

I would also request you all not to post links to websites that are for profit of "any" kind that includes affiliate sites and sites with adsense and other advertisements.

This is going to be the first post on this forum and you are probably the first person to ever visit this forum besides me so I would appreciate if you register and say hello and help in making this place a lively one in future.

It would be great help if you could help correcting any mistakes I may have made.

See you around :)

Pakistan Zindabad


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I get some very funny e-mails and messages using contact us form taunting me about the state of broadband in Pakistan :( Guess who sends them? Its some Indian brothers from across the border.

Well, To those who find this funny that this forum has hardly got any activity and Indian broadband forums are flooded with active users :

First of all this is a brand new forum launched just a few days ago. It takes time for a forum to really take off and in our case it may be years before we get as active as the forum mentioned above. Broadband is still in initial stages in Pakistan and give it a couple of years things will improve. Broadband penetration is not too bad when compared to India or other developing countries either so I dont know why some people find it funny that we have a forum dedicated to broadband in Pakistan.
Im sure the forum will be very active. Broadband users are increasing now in Pakistan, so you will find more and more people searching for things and landing on the forum.


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I hope the new government makes an extra effort to get more people to use the internet and grow a robust domestic IT industry. It is a well known fact that every 10% increase in broadband penetration will raise your GDP growth rate by 1% and believe it or not thats a sea change if we can make this happen in Pakistan.


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Thanks for creating this forum. I normally dont participate much on forums but this one is kind of neat and clean with no ads or popups and some decent members althought very few at the moment.