How to cancel Nayatel broadband connection?

I am quite fed up of my Nayatel broadband connection because of the slow speeds and connection problems, so I wish to disconnect my connection. I want to make sure I cancel my broadband connection in a proper manner so that I would not have any dues left to pay like 2 months later on. So please advise how to disconnect a Nayatel broadband connection.

You should first call up Nayatel and inform them that you wish to disconnect the Nayatel services, make sure there is nothing outstanding to pay off and make sure you put your cancellation request in writing as well.


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Put the cancellation request in writing and send it via email. After a day confirm by phoning Nayatel customer service that the cancellation request has been received.


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I think just making a phone call to Nayatel and informing them of the cancellation. After a day or two reconfirm the cancellation and always make sure there is nothing outstanding to pay.