How to connect ptcl evo to wireless router

I have bought a 3G router but the manual is missing from the box and the shop where I bought it from is not much help either. I have configured PTCL adsl router before but this is PTCL EVO and I have no idea what values go into that field. I hope some one here could help me create a wifi network using my evo modem.



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Hi Rubeena,
You have not mentioned the make and model of your router but what ever router you are trying to use the settings for PTCL EVDO would still be the same that you need to enter in the settings page of your router.

Please open your routers login page and log in using the default login id and password then enter the following settings:

Dial number : #777
Username :
Password : ptcl
APN : leave this field blank

Once you have entered all the values as mentioned above save these settings and restart your router and you should not have a working wifi network.

Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on this. Welcome to Pakistan Broadband Forum.
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Thanks for replying. I have setup my router using the settings you have provided and I am typing this post using the wifi connection. Thanks ever so much.
hi I have bought a 3G evo and i want to connect it to the router . my router number is TL-MR3020. I called ptcl they told me the settings and i configured like they told but it didnt worked. Kindly help me out


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Is the router not recognising your evo modem or what? Please provide a little more info for me to be able to work with you and resolve it.


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When you set up this router with your evo did you have it in the list of supported modems ? To be honest I have never used this router so I am going to have to ask a few questions.


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i want to ask that i have bought EVO router and i want to connect it to the EVO device and i am unable to connect it can u please help me in this matter ..
Salaam... How Are You All?
Im sufferingg from a little prob.
Kindly help Me.
I bought evo 3g simple.
And I want to use it to my ptcl modem for wifi..
My wifi modem model is
SagemCom F@st 1704N Ptcl
Can i use it?
Nd how ?
Kindly send ne configuration or method.
I shall be really thank full to you :)
Waiting for Reply.