how to convert inverter into UPS

i have inverter at my home. i am using desktop computer at my home and my computer will always restart because of loadshedding. after research on internet i discovered that the inverter is not suitable for desktop computers because the computer will restart because of loadshedding if one is using inverter at his home and the desktop computer will not restart because of loadshedding if one is using UPS instead of inverter. my friend suggested me that purchasing the new UPS is not the good idea i am already using inverter in my home. i want to know that how can i convert my inverter into UPS? is it possible through configuration changes? which product or device is required for that purpose?


Staff member
It is the change over unit that would need to be changed from what I understand. You cannot use a UPS along with an inverter as it may cause damage to your inverter. Most inverters these days have a switch at the back to change it to UPS mode so please check if your inverter has one too.