How to enable security on Wateen Bolt 2 device

When using a wireless internet connection it is a must that you handle the security with care and take all the necessary and required precautions. Every device requires different updates and has different requirements. With the Wateen Bolt 2 Device you also need to make it secure, below I have given instructions on how to make the device secure.

- First connect the Wateen Bolt 2 device your computer

- Open up your browser and in the web address type and hit enter

- You will be asked to enter in your username and password and do so, after which you need to click on the WiFi button

- You need to rename the device to a name of your choice, that can be easily recognized by you

- Select the encryption type to being WEP

- Select the authentication method as being open system

- Select WEP encryption to 64 bit

- Now enter a 10 digit security key and click the save button

- After this you need to disconnect and then reconnect your device and you will then have to enter in the security key in order to have access to the internet.

You now have a safe and secure Wateen Bolt 2 device WiFi connection.


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Good information Salman, I think this would kind of be the same procedure for any data card connection, is that correct?