How to keep track of internet data used

I have in the past gone over my data limit and incurred extra charges, and this is simply because I do not keep a track of the data I use, so its something I need to do so I dont exceed the limit. Please advise on any tool or a way that I can keep within my data limit and not exceed it.
As I do only go slightly over the limit, do you guys think its best to change my plan or just keep track of the data I use?


Staff member
I would not advise using any data tracking scripts that are available and would advise you to go for an unlimited connection even if it means a little extra money per month or slightly slower speeds because you would atleast know that this the amount you would be paying every month instead of worrying about how much you have used. This way you can also use the internet more often and may be download a few files here and there if you want without having to worry about running over your data limit for the month.
Maybe after every five days you should check your usage from the portal or calling the service provider customer service. Or like it has already been mentioned get a bigger data plan.
Most service providers have their own web portal to find out the account information. Also I think there is also a software or application which tracks the data you have used, I am not sure what it is called.