How to set up dongle with Wi-Fi Router

There are many queries on the forum on how one can set up a USB dongle with a WiFi router, and the answer is in this thread where users can set up their GPRS, EDGE and 3G dongles with a WiFi router.

With 3G being launched by many service providers using a 3G dongle has become very common and many want to use this connection as a WiFi connection.

Users who have a EVO USB dongle which does not have an inbuilt WiFi feature then here are steps on how you can connect to a WiFi router.

You need to first purchase a 3G USB router
Connect the 3G dongle to the router USB port
Follow the steps for configuration by entering in your username and password

The above steps would work for dongles such as ZTE AC2766, ZTE AC2746 and others alike.

Most WiFi routers these days automatically install the dongle without any problem, all that needs to be done is securing the network with a password.