How to start WhatsApp calling service?

WhatsApp have started their calling services but it is not known how one can start the calling service. I have checked the latest updates for WhatsApp and my application is updated.
Anyone got any idea what needs to be done in get the voice calls started on WhatsApp? Or is this something which has been banned in Pakistan?

Do you have the WhatsApp calling feature on your phone then?

What is the call quality like as compared to using services like Skype?
I recently got my WhatsApp calling feature on my app, even though no one called me, I think most people will just get this service automaically now without the having to receive a call.


Staff member
I got my whatsapp calling feature too. I got it yesterday without anyone calling me. I believe they are doing this in phases and eventually everyone will get it.
I got my WhatsApp calling feature activated yesterday as well, and it was automatic. Apparently WhatsApp is providing the calling feature for Android users first. You need to make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp updated.
If you haven't got your WhatsApp calling service, I would recommend you update the application to the latest version, you should then get your calling feature, if not then just hope that someone who has the calling feature calls you or you get the calling feature soon.