How to transfer photos from one mobile phone to another


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I want to transfer some photos from my Samsung mobile phone to my Sony mobile phone, but I don't know what the easiest way to do this is. I don't want to wasting time so need the quickest way to do this. There are around 300 photos and around 30 videos that need to be transferred. If I copy them to my desktop and then to other phone that will take time too so I don't want that option, please suggest some other option.

Why don't you just save the photos on the computer and then transfer them to the other phone if need be. Otherwise if you don't want to do this then you can transfer the photos via bluetooth.


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If you can create a dropbox account and download dropbox application on both your phones and then transfer the photos to dropbox.
Use Bluetooth, near enough all phones have Bluetooth, send the photos and it wouldn't take too long for them to get transferred to the other phone.
Why do you want the photos on the other phone? If the answer is that you get a copy of them and wont lose them, then it would be easier for you to copy the photos onto a computer.


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You can transfer your whole gallary using bluetooth and you wont even need any cables to be able to do that. It will take a bit of time but you dont really have to do anything just leave the phones alone for some time and it will all be transfered.
Simply install Shareit or Zapya app in both mobile and share required data through these apps. This is the fastest way to transfer data, data in GBs will only take seconds to transfer.
As I know, the easy way to transfer some photos from Samsung mobile phone to Sony mobile phone is using pro Phone Transfer program. With a computer, we can directly transfer photos between them.