How to UnBlock YouTube in Pakistan


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I have been recieving PMs asking me how to access when it is blocked in Pakistan and I thought why not just write a tutorial and let every one read it instead of sending individual replies.

This is not just for Youtube but anything that is blocked at ISP level will start working for you without a problem.

Those looking for a free options click here.

You just need a VPN service account so you can use the tunnel to access whatever you want to access and that too over a secure connection. There are many VPN services out there but the one I find to be the best is :

VPN Service website

Out of all the other VPNs I have used this one has the best network quality and you also get to choose which country's IP you want to use and it would also tell you which servers are least used so you would never find the network congested.

They have many plans and different billing intervals as well. Once you sign up you just have to download their small software and start browsing the very minute. If you have any questions or queries about how to use after signing up then please post them here and I will be happy to help you out. HMA has excellent customer service themselves and the software is self explanatory.

Dont forget to leave your comments about how you find the service.


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Thank you very much. I also found some very interesting ideas here VPN solution is pretty good and straight forward , yet if you look for alternative you can take a look into mention page.

Wahaj Farooq

Hi thanks can you tell for unblock youtube best free and fast VPN software.
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