How to upgrade PTCL Package?

I am a new customer of PTCL broadband and I started my connection with a low package, but I now wish to upgrade my packager to a faster connection which would also give me more data, but I do not know how to do this. Can someone please guide on how I can I upgrade my package Is it something which I can do online or do I need to call up PTCL customer service?

It would be best to call PTCL customer service and upgrade your package over the phone, make sure you take down the customer reference number and the person whom you spoke to, so that if for any reason the plan isnt changed or there is some problem with upgrading the plan you can refer to the customer number or the name of the person you spoke to.
Another way to upgrade your package is by going to the PTCL web portal, I think you are now able to manage account settings from there as well. But also double check by calling PTCL customer care or checking the speed of your connection.