iBroadband Imzak Broadband coverage


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I have just read the thread about Imzak Broadband Packages, they seem quite good especially prices. I visited the Imzak website but could not find any information about the coverage area. I wondered if any knew what areas iBroadband Imzak covered.


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Currently iBroadband is available in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Rabwah and Sialkot. Soon the services will also be available in Lahore and Faislabad.


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This is iBroadband Imzak Broadband's 24/7 customer support number : Telephone: +92 51 5705885 Please give them a call and find out how to get a connection. Dont forget to update this thread with the information you get from them so others can benefit.
There is quite a lot of availability, but they don't advertise as much, I am only guessing it must be a good service provider. I have a few friends in Rawalpindi, will find out from them what the service of this ISP is like and provide an update.