Is it best to get a UPS or an inverter

I have brought a new desktop and the shop keeper told me that I should get a UPS, but a friend of mine told me it is best to get an inverter and now I am unable to decide which is better a UPS or an inverter. It is obvious that an inverter would allow more things to work in the house, like fan and lights along with the desktop but in the long run which is more affordable and beneficial? The reason why I am asking this is that my budget is not so great and spending money on such things needs to be thought about carefully.
Which one should I choose a UPS or an Inverter for my computer?

I would suggest you get an inverter it would be an investment you make which will last you for at least 7-8 years, if maintained well it can last for longer than that. Plus not only your computer will run on it but also lights and fans.


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A small UPS will be cheaper but will only run your PC for like 10-15 mins at the most but with an inverter you can run your PC aswell as some lights and fans depending upon what capicity your set up has. I always tell people to get Exide inva tubular battries with their inverter as they last a lot longer. They are a little costlier then the rest but it is good value for money.

It depends what your budget is. A small UPS will surely save you a lot of money but then an inverter has so many advantages too.