Is Mobilink providing free 3G services?

I have a Mobilink connection and thought of trying their 3G services and when I finished using the connection, I noticed that no money was deducted. What is going on, Mobilink providing free 3G services?


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Ha ha ha :) I think that must be a mistake in configuration some where or some promotion may be. Be assured that there is nothing free in this world any more.

Have fun while it lasts.
Mobilink did provide free trials of their 3G services, but that was for a limited time and for a limited amount of data. I am not sure whether the free trial is still on or not.


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This promotion ended some time ago, so I dont know why you are getting 3G for free. A suggestion to you is that make sure you keep a tab on your balance as you dont know when Mobilink will start charging you for the 3G service, mean while enjoy the free 3G service.