Is Nayatel available in Lahore?


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My family in Karachi use Nayatel broadband and they have had the connection for around a year now, there have been no problems with the connection and the speed has been stable, so I am thinking of getting a Nayatel connection. I know its available in Karachi but is it available in Lahore as well?


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This is their official page for coverage area : Link removed as their website isint working any more.

I dont see Lahore or even Karachi listed anywhere. From what I see it looks like they only operate in Islamabad and Rawalpindi but even there they only operate in select areas.

It is still worth a quick call to find out if they operate in Lahore as some times these companies forget to update their websites for years.
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From what I know Nayatel is not available in Lahore. Its a connection which my family wanted to get in Lahore but there was no availability, although this was some 2 years ago. There is a possibility that the connection is available now, its probably best to call Nayatel and ask them.
Nayatel is a service which is not available across Pakistan, but I think they will slowly start their services in majority of places in Pakistan. Their expansion has already started with Lahore.