Laptop heats up

For the past couple of days I am getting a problem with my laptop. When I start using it within an hour of using it gets heated up a lot, and then I eventually have to shut it down, because I feel that it may crash it also makes a weird noise as well. What may the problem be? How can I stop my laptop from heating up so much?

Are you using a cooling pad or are you making sure that your keeping the laptop on a flat surface and not using it on the bed or sofa? If your not using a the laptop on a flat surface the heat can not escape from the laptop and it will cause it heat up.
A lot of people don't realise that a laptop needs to have space for the heat to escape and if you block that area then the heat wont escape. Also you should not over work the laptop if you laptop is not capable for gaming and your gaming then it will over work it self and crash.
If you are already using a cooling pad then it would be good to have your laptop looked by a professional, there maybe something wrong with the internal parts of the laptop.
Laptops tend to heat up generally because of the dust they accumulate, and living in country where there is always dust you are bound to get dust inside of devices. If you can try opening up the laptop and air blow the dust out of it.
Most laptops do heat up, it depends on how heated it gets. Make sure you dont have too many programs running on your laptop and that the air vent is clear.


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I would suggest getting your laptop cleaned by a professional especially the heat sink as dust tends to accumulate over time and that results in heat getting trapped instead of being passed out via air from the fan. I make it a point to get my laptop cleaned every 3-4 months or even earlier if I use it outdoors on a regular basis.
How heated up does it get? Sometimes those who are new to using laptops do not know how hot laptops can get, but it still be good to get it checked out by a computer place or if it is still under warranty, phone the company and ask them to check it out.