LG Phone Reviews


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I am thinking of buying a LG mobile phone, and I wanted to get some feedback from forum members on what they think of the phone. I have a list of questions which I would also like answered.

How durable are LG mobile phones?

Are they better than Samsung phones?

Please list any pros and cons of LG phones?

LG phones are durable and quite good as well. The reason that they are not as popular is because brands like Samsung and iPhone overtake such brands like LG. As compared to Samsung phones I can not say that they are better but slightly under the line from them.
If you like the particular phone then I would suggest you go for it.
LG phones are as good as any other phone brand and much better than the local branded mobile phones. They are not as popular, as brands like Samsung take over and also advertise much more. LG mobile phones are durable as I have used a LG phone some 4 years back, I can not say about the pros and cons, as I can not think of any, it is a good phone brand which does what it is supposed to.