Linksys wireless router configuration with PTCL Dsl


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I am preparing this guide using the Linksys WAG200G wireless router but every router that Linksys sells can be configured the same way. The interface options remain almost the same no matter which router you use so just follow the below instructions :

Connect your router to the PC using LAN cable.

Power on your router.

Open this page in your browser : which is the default IP of Linksys routers.

You will now be prompted to enter the user name and password. The default user name and password are as follows:
User Name : admin
Password : admin

Now you have logged into the router settings page and should be able to see all the options there are in this router.

On this set up page as shown in the screen shot below please use all the values as shown in the image :

settings page.png

As you can see I have only changed the Local IP address from the default to

Once you are done with then then click on the Wireless tab and you would get the following page as shown in the screen shot :

wireless settings.png

The only setting that we need to change on this page is the Network mode. Change it to Wireless -B Only. Leave the others settings to whats shown in the screen shot above. You can change the Network name to whatever you want so you can identify your network when trying to connect devices to the router.

Then click on the tab which says "Wireless Security" and you would get this page as shown in the screen shot below :

wireless security.png

As shown in the above screen shot please select WPA-Personal and as soon as you select that option you would see more options as shown in the below screen shot :

security settings.png

As shown in the above screenshow you now need to enter your Passphrase that you would use to login to the wifi network from other devices. Choose a difficult pass Phrase that others dont know to keep your network secure and also make a note of it in case you forget. After you have entered the passphrase you need to click on "Save Settings" button at the bottom of the page.

You should now see a message displayed saying "Settings are Succesful"

Now reboot your router and you should have a working wifi network.

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Have fun :)

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