Micronet Broadband Coverage Areas

I am thinking of getting a new broadband connection and after much research have considered Micronet broadband. The only problem is that I am unable to find out the coverage areas for Micronet broadband, if anyone knows please provide the areas covered for Micronet broadband. Thanks

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Micronet broadband has limited coverage areas and the two cities which have Micronet broadband services are Islamabad and Rawalpindi.


In Islamabad the following sectors are covered:

Blue Area, E-5, E-6, E-7, F-5, F-6, F-7, G-5, G-6, G-7

E-11, F-10, F-11, G-10, G-11

H-8, H-9, H-11, I-8*, I-9, I-10

E-8, E-9, G-8, G9, F-8, F-9


Areas covered in Rawalpindi are Cantt, Chaklala, Satellite Town, Westridge, Fazaia (Ghangal) and DHA.