Mobilink 3G USB Dongle Reviews

So Mobilink have launched their 3G services with the USB dongle and information about the connection is mentioned in the thread Mobilink USB Dongle. Now what remains is the review of the connection, the speeds given are 7.2mbps, but do you actually get this speed or not. Also some detailed information about exactly which areas give good Mobilink 3G coverage would be good, so that one does not waste money purchasing the dongle and late find out that there is poor 3G coverage in the area.

Where ever Mobilink 3G is available you get quite good coverage, I have used it in a lot of areas in Lahore and the signal strength and speed is excellent.
Last time I tried Mobilink 3G some time ago in a non 3G coverage area I was getting 2G coverage, I can not say anything about now as 3G coverage has increased in the past few months.