Mobilink broadband signal problems

Its been a whole month now and I have not signal for my Mobilink broadband connection. I have called the Mobilink customer service department and they said that they don't know what the problem maybe as they have not reported any other signal problems from other users, but they said they would send someone to check the problem which has not happened yet. I am quite fed of this problem and it means I have no Internet access, is there anything I can do myself to resolve the problem?

You need to call Mobilink customer service again and ask them to send someone from their team to check the problem and to why you are not able to get any signal, as its a problem due to their end.
It is possible that a building which has newly been built is blocking the signal, in which case there is no much that can be done. The only option is that you use the connection in another part of the house or go for another broadband connection.