Mobilink Infinity Closing Down

Recently I heard that Mobilink Infinity will be closing its business for good in Pakistan and the business is being passed onto Qubee Broadband. Some say that all the Mobilink wimax customers have been transferred to Qubee, as I am not a Mobilink broadband user I can not confirm this for sure whether the business has been handed over or is still yet to be handed.

What next then, Qubee will close down and PTCL will take over. Its becoming a popular thing now with mobile service providers closing down their broadband services.
Not good news, more and more broadband service providers are closing down. I am guessing that the Mobilink customers will be handled by a separate department in Qubee.


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I get calls from Mobilink broadband saying that someone will come and replace the Mobilink Infinity device, so the closure is all in process.
I have not actually heard anything official about this, so it may be a rumor or the change never happened. If it has there is a possibility that Mobilink has kept its brand name and is actually managed by Qubee.