New Digital Cable TV Connection

I'm looking for a new digital cable TV connection. Can someone suggest me some good digital connection, which provides some Indian channels as well.


Here is some choices you can go for...

Dish TV, Tata Sky, Nayatel, PTCL IPTV, WorldCall and Wateen Digital

Both PTCL and Dish TV are the most popular and easily available. Dish TV and Tata Sky both provide Indian channels.
Tata Sky is actually more costly, Dish Tv is the best option to go for its reliable and like Abid said you can get it easily and its you can get it easily recharged.
Pirate you can either have a connection which provides Pakistani channels or have a connection which provides Indian channels, its difficult to have a connection providing both. Unless you ask a local cable operator.
Cable connections dont provide Indian channels. If it is just Indian channels you want then you need to get a DTH connection if you want both then you need an additional Pakistani cable connection or digital TV connection.