New mobile broadband connection

I need a new mobile broadband connection and as I have not used mobile broadband before I need to know which ISP provides the best and fastest mobile broadband connection. When I talk about a fast conenction I actually mean a speed of around 2mbps. I will be doing a lot of travelling in the next couple of months and need a stable connection which will have speed and where I wont have to face problems with disconnections. I dont have a budget as thats not an issue.


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PTCL EVO is an option which you can choose from, which has a reliable connection and has coverage widely across Pakistan. Another option is WorldCall which is also quite a good and reliable mobile broadband ISP. They have a range of tariff plans to choose from, which you can choose according to your needs.
Depending on your location you can go for either PTCL Evo, Mobilink or Qubee. If your going to be travelling a lot then I suggest you choose PTCL Evo but if you are not then go with either Mobilink or Qubee.
Mobilink is quite good. If you want you can aldi consider getting a data pack on your mobile phone as service providers like Zong and Telenor provide 3G services.