Please suggest a new UPS

I require a new UPS for home purposes. The UPS would be used for 4 ceiling fans the max, and if not all fans will be used it would be just 2 fans and a desktop computer and during the night it would also mean using 2 tubelights as well. If these many things would be used they should be able to last for at least 4 hours.
I searched around a bit and found a lot of choices, and even asked the sales reps but they would obviously lure you into the expensive ones just to get money from you, so I thought its best if I get advise from the forum. One brand name which I thought of was Cyber Power, as its a common brand these days and doing quite well.

Yes Cyber Power is an excellent brand to choose from. I can not suggest any further as I don't know much about UPS's, but brand wise I know Cyber Power is excellent and the best for a UPS.
Brands Homeage and Cyberpower are both good, I have been using a Cyberpower UPS for 4 years and it has not given me any problems at all.