Prepaid or Postpaid Mobile Connection


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I am getting a new mobile phone connection and am a bit confused between getting a prepaid and postpaid connection. Both connections have their pros and cons, but I don't know which one would work out better for me. Please can forum members help me decide to which type of connection I should get.
I make local and national calls say around 10-20 calls a month, I would need a 1GB data connection and apart from that I don't send any SMS or require roaming..

I was in a similar situation when getting a new mobile connection, and the way I decided was by calculating how much I spend in a month on calls and data, and if it was under the monthly postpaid plan then I would have stuck with my prepaid connection, but it was way over so I got a postpaid connection.
It really depends on the purpose of your calls, if its business then maybe you are better off with a postpaid. If it is personal calls you make then a prepaid connection would work out best. Something else I would like to add is that with postpaid connections services easily get added on your bill even though you dont use them and sometimes you miss out on the small charges which are added to your bill making the bill into thousands sometimes.