Problems with my Tata Sky Connection

I have been using my Tata Sky connection for 3 months now and incurred no problems what so ever, but the other day there was a power cut and obviously the TV and Tata Sky box stopped working. Once the electricity came back the Tata Sky box decided to stay off but the TV was working fine. I have tried everything from plugging into another socket to checking the fuse and I cant seem to find a solution. Anyone got any idea to what the problem may be and how it can be resolved?


Staff member
I would suggest showing the box to the shop where you bought it from. It could be anything really but as you say you have checked the fuse and tried another socket so it would most likely be the power supply unit inside the box which went kaput or may be more. You need to have a voltage stabilizer for all electronic products.
The problem is in your box, I am not sure whether there would any warrenty for your box because of it not being a Pakistani product, but it is something you would have to ask the distributer.
How much does it cost to get a DTH service to watch HD channels like Star sports ones? Can you please tell. I just bought a Full HD tv recently and cannot even watch HD channels on it... thanks to Pakistan which has no DTH companies