PS3 vs XBOX 360 vs Nintendo Wii

I want to get a new gaming console but am very confused to which one I should get. The three main and popular gaming consoles are PS3, XBox and Nintendo Wii, all of which are very good and all have a different range of games to play. All the consoles have slightly different features which makes it difficult to choose between the three.
It is not something which can be exchanged or be brought again so it is important that I get the best or at least the gaming console which I wont regret. So forum members please help me decide.

I think you should go for the Sony PS3 and I say this because there would be more variety of games to choose from in Pakistan, and also if anythign goes wrong with the console it can easily be repaired.
Out of all the three I prefer Nintendo Wii, it has a better variety of games and I personally think the motion sensors are much better on the Wii than the other consoles.
All are equally good gaming consoles, so you can choose any. I would grade the Nintendo Wii last and think you should choose between PS3 and XBox.


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Sony PS3 is the best, they have more games to choose from and have the latest features for motion sensors and games.