Ptcl 8mbs Dsl Working Very Slow After Shifting To A New Sector

I was using 8mbs PTCL DSL in F/10-3 sector in Islamabad I was getting good speeds like 870kbs on downloads , watching movies in 720p online without any buffering or any disconnection I recently shifted to my new house in G/14 & had my net transferred here they installed it yesterday two linemen came & the senior one left after 5 mins and the junior one installed it he used old cables connected a thick cable with a small cable through twisting & left them in the open on the surface near my House gate I asked the lineman won't the cable get damaged when a car goes over it he told me to hire a labor and get him to dig and get it underground ( I checked my speed on & I was getting 6.83 where as in F/10 I was getting 7.90mbs ) & my net here is browsing slow even though I am using Google DNS & the videos are buffering even on 360p that's strange cause G/14 is a new sector so it has new PTCL lines installed here so I contacted the Senior lineman he told me he would replace the old cable with a new one & put it underground & connect the thick cable to the small cable through TPI adapter box so that will resolve my issue & he told me he would charge me 1200rs for that so I paid him and he did that today but that didn't make any difference in speed

Do yall think I am facing this issue due to he didn't replace the smaller cable? ( it had cuts on it)
or cause I am using the enternet cable that came with the DSL box instead of the expensive enternet cable that I was using in F/10 to connect the DSL device to my pc???

The first thing after Eid I am gonna do is get that old small cable with the cuts replaced

one of my friend suggested to call the helpline and ask them to change my port

Any other suggestions other than switching to a different internet service provider???


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It is all about quality of cable that runs from the exchange to your house and the distance plays a major role as well. Have you moved furthur away from the PTCL exchange by any chance?