PTCL DSL and Router and PTCL IPTV(smart TV)


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I am heaving big problem with my network. first of all let me tell you what my configuration is
PTCL DSL modem in placed down stairs IP address and DHCP enabled. covering the lower area through WIFI and one LAN cable is connected with PTCL DSL which is connected on other end with TP-Link WIFI Router IP address DHCP Disabled. covering 1st floor through WIFI and another LAN cable connected with this Router which connects another TP-link Router which is in my room and it has IP address and DHCP disabled. the problem is my IPTV which is connected to Router and I can not connect to TV. when I take the IPTV to connect with PTCL DSL modem it only connects if I disconnect all LAN connections with PTCL DSL modem. please help me how to connect my IPTV with 3rd Router.