PTCL DSL IP Settings

I have recently got a PTCL internet connection and I have a query which I would like answered:

The query is regarding the DSL router, the IP address field is empty and I do not know what IP address and other information to enter in. I also wanted to know whether there is an automated way to enter in the IP details, as sometimes I use a different device and I don't want to keep adding the settings in each time, as it would be very time consuming.

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:

Peferred DNS:
Alternative DNS:

You need to share the DSL settings and also you need to check that DHCP is enabled.


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There is no need to do with DSL IP settings when you have installed it by PTCL REP. After this whenever u seen the ip adrdress empty of ur PC then DHCP of DSL is not working. If ur DSL ip setings show empty then it is not SYNC with PTCL EXCH MEDIA, So u must check ur TELEPHONE cable either tone is there or cable (RJ-11) Plugged in Properly. Some coverage Areas of PTCL splitter never work only direct cable is connected with DSL then it works fine. In this way we can not use PTCL LINE for phone calls. You can use IP ADDRESS of ur DSL with ur own wish except the default IP Address.