PTCL EVO Wingle heats up

Last week I have got a new PTCL EVO wingle connection, and since the first day of using it, it heats up a lot. Within half an hour of using it the wingle heats up like anything. I don't know whether this is something normal or whether it shouldn't be heating up this much and this quick, so please advise whether its ok for this to happen or its something wrong with the device.


Staff member
It is normal for a USB modem to warm up a little but they shouldnt get too hot to touch and if that is the case then speak to the manufacturer or where ever you bought it from to get a replacement.
You can use any brand dongle, they will all heat up and like Admin and Ginni have mentioned it is normal, but if it gets like too hot like your not able to even touch it then there is an issue.