Ptcl Internet Packages


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I am planning to get my new home internet connection and reliability wise PTCL seems like the most suitable service provider.

I would like to have some information on the PTCL internet packages available. My requirements are:

- minimum 2mbps speed
- unlimited data (is possible, if not then at least 30GB data)
- either non wired or wired connection is fine
- monthly budget is Rs1000 - Rs2000.

Here is the latest price list for PTCL broadband plans :


As you need 2Mbps speed I would suggest going for Rs1575 plan as that is unlimited but with a small rider that if you use more than 300gb in a given month you would be charged an extra Rs5000. If you can spend another 200 it would get you double the speed and would only cost you Rs1775.

I hope this helps.