PTCL Management Failure, Report against PTCL

I am Muhammad Yasir, living in Jalalpur Pirwala, Multan.
Sir, this matter is so sad that I want to share with you. My concern is about fixing my applications and rectifying the PTCL officers in my city. I am totally disappointed with them. Not only me, but whole city has complaints with them. Here is what happened to me.

Last Friday, my internet connection become down, I complaint to PTCl and they said problem will be solved in 48 hours. On Monday, I got call that internet problem has been resolved but nothing happened. Nothing rectified. It means that technician crew confirmed that internet of my connection has been resolved but this was nothing than lie. This mostly happen. I am using PTCL for last 5 years. They do same. It means they are liar.

What urged me to write this email is that line man of my city says that he do not knows that cables of PTCL therefore he cant resolve my connection. WTF..? If he do not know my cable going to home then who knows..? This is the lineman statement. Further, he said me to jump over the roofs to shake my cable.. Instead of providing me his services, he wanted to take my services..? PTCL needs general public services?

Then I called to another technician who solved me the problem last time, when i told him my problem, he said "Sorry, wrong number" What's going here.

Last day, I called to regional office manager Multan, he personally promised to help me but no officially from PTCL side and still problem is not solved.

I want to say, PTCL is dead? or what's going here. There is no any manager in my city to whom we give our complaints. When we go to ATMs, ATMs are down, manager says technical failure in internet. Every business is suffering Sir! What we do? Online complaints are nothing because they easily confirm that problem is resolved. The exchange which contains machinery of millions has no even a guard. A person used to be there but I say he can be ruined by a blow of air. He lacks training to be security guard. Last time, when I visited to branch there was none and I openly visited to all area.

In my view there is no one who owns PTCL, why they do no care of customers.

Kindly suggest me what I should do?

Your reply will be appreciated.


Staff member
Unfortunately there is not much you can do about this apart from changing your service provider of-course if that is even an option at your location. PTCL is a degenerating establishment with no hope of revival.

Please have a look at some private service providers or even a local cable operator if there are any in your area and forget about PTCL once and for all.