PTCL smart TV channels disappearing

It has been a month since I got my PTCL Smart TV connection and at the beginning, but now I am very disappointed with the service, and the reason is that the channels are disappearing. At the start there were around 150 channels and now there are not even 120 channels, and the price per month is still the same.

The channels which have gone are:

Animal Planet
National Geographic
ARY News
HBO Hits
Cartoon Network
Sach TV
Hum TV
Many more

Is this problem with all PTCL Smart TV users? Has this happened before?


Staff member
Most of these channels have been discontinued by PTCL. For example FoxMovies is replaced by a music channel and so on.
PTCL Smart TV provides the same channels as the local cable guy and yet you end up paying more for the Smart TV connection. I would suggest you go for DishTV as there are so many more channels available to watch.
Its best to get a DTH connection, no channels are hardly ever removed. If a DTH connection is too costly you can choose Nayatel TV.


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It is such a shame that we still do not have any Pakistani DTH service. There are millions of people using Indian DTH services illegally inside Pakistan.
It is the fault of Government of Pakistan who is least interested in developing the country and more interested in stuff that is of little interest to the general population.