PTCL Smart TV Customer Care Contact Number


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I need to make an inquiry about my PTCL Smart TV account, but I am not able to find the PTCL Smart TV contact number. I tried calling the regular number for PTCL and asked them to either transfer through to the right department or give me the number, when I get put on hold I then get disconnected so have given up calling PTCL. If anyone knows please provide me with the PTCL Smart TV customer care number. Thanks.


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These are the numbers for different PTCL services :

New service requirement or purchase assistance 0800 8 0800
To Update Directory Inquiry 0800 0 1217
Billing information 1200
Inquiry or directory services 1217
Complaint registration or help on any fault 1218
Assistance on all services 1236
CLI, Voice Message Service activations & Code barring 111 465 465
PTCL Calling Card 0800 8 0808