PTCL Smart TV Jadoo Plus

In addition to the PTCL Smart Box there is also PTCL Smart TV Jadoo Plus which is a TV service which provides channels through streaming using IPTV.
The PTCL Smart TV Jadoo PLUS will provide 125 channels and along side this there is a library of videos that can be viewed which includes movies. The application store service allows users to use the internet and use their social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The PTCL Smart TV Jadoo Plus service is available to customers who have a minimum broadband speed of 2Mbps.

The monthly charges for the Smart TV Jadoo Plus is Rs600 and this is an installment cost which lasts for 2 years. If customers wish to pay upfront then the cost would be Rs10000.

Broadband monthly rentals are as follows:

2 MB DSL Customers Rs. 600 per month
4 MB DSL Customers Rs. 500 per month
6 MB DSL Customers Rs. 400 per month
8 MB DSL Customers Rs. 300 per month
10 MB DSL Customers Rs. 200 per month

Prices and everything looks good but the problem is that PTCL land line at my place is down more often then not so as and when the land line phone goes down so will the not so Smart TV PTCL service. Is this right? This all comes through the land line right?


Staff member
Yes if the land line gets disconnected , so will the IPTV service. This iptv is also available using optic fiber cables and those are newly laid in every part of the country (where ever they are) and are more reliable then the copper lines that have become old and unreliable over time.
I don't think there is much difference in PTCL Smart TV or PTCL Smart TV Jadoo Plus, apart from the library of videos and the fact that you can access social networking sites. I don't really see anything good about using the social networking sites on TV, firstly it wont really be private if someone else is viewing the TV and secondly it is easily accessible on mobile phones.


Staff member
I have never liked the idea of connecting the TV with internet. You have put it very nicely Nazir bhai.
If you are interested in watching shows or movies then get Netflix. I also have Netflix subscription, runs smooth 720p on 4mb connection. Sometimes goes to 1080p. Some exclusives like Daredevil are amazing. You can even watch cartoons. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)