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Is ptcl smart tv a good connection ? should i go for it ?
and anyone who has ptcl smart tv will please tell me do they broadcast english premier league live matches every weekend on ESPN and Star Sports ?
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PTCL is a good option to go for, better than the local cable connection. Both ESPN and Star Sports is showcased on PTCL Smart TV but I am not sure whether premier league live matches are shown or not.
If they have the channel they would also show the programs as well, and from what I know PTCL Smart TV have both ESPN and Star Sports.
PTCL Smart TV is a good option to go for if you do not want to spend a lot of money on DTH services. Lately I have heard that PTCL have been removing some channels, but you need to confirm with them or other PTCL users on exactly which channels have been removed and future channels they are going to add.