Ptcl Wifi Modem Setting In Bridge Mode With Another Ptcl Modem

Asslam O Alaikum Dear Sir
I am a PTCL Broadband user I want to extend my Wifi signals using another PTCL modem in bridge mode.
1st modem's Bridge Restrict Mode is set to Enabled Scan and second modem's MAC address is added in list.
But there is no connectivity on second modem's wifi .
Kindly Help me.



Staff member
I am sorry but I do not understand what you are trying to do.

Are you trying to create a second wifi zone using a range extender? or trying to use a normal wifi router as a range extender?
If your second router is just a plain wifi router and not a repeater then you would have to connect your second router with existing wifi router using a cable. Just connect using cable and create another wifi zone using the new router thats all you need to do.
You can do that as said by Samina...but your existing router must have special internet LAN port besides 4 ports of your router...if you have all that then connect both the routers through a LAN cable ..and configure your second router with DHCP enabled configuration..give different start and stop IP range and also a new LAN IP to the second router...point to say that the IPs of both the routers should be different