Qubee Broadband Prepay Plans

Prepay plans are quite common and easy for those who want to control how much data they use. In order to get a Qubee prepay connection you require a Qubee device, Qubee prepay account and a scratch card.

Below are details of the prepay plans available from Qubee Broadband.

Cost: Rs100, Speed: 512kbps, Data: 1GB, Validity: 3 days
Cost: Rs250, Speed: 512kbps, Data: 2.5GB, Validity: 7 days
Cost: Rs500, Speed: 512kbps, Data: 5GB, Validity: 15 days
Cost: Rs1000, Speed: 512kbps, Data: 10GB, Validity: 30 days

When you first use the Rs500 scratch card you can use the 5GB data for up to 30 days.