Recommend a good English movie

Its been some time since I have watched an English movie, I have even lost track of which all movies have been released. Any English movie lovers please recommend some good English movies old or new.


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Shaw shank redemption is a very old movie but one of my all time favorites. I myself don't watch movies or even TV. The only thing I would ever watch is some news may be twice or three times a week that too for 10-15 min. I just don't like sitting in front of the TV and staring at the screen :)

I spend most of my time in front of my computer screen. I would also like some suggestions on movies as it has been a while since I watched one. Any new ones that are worth watching?
Hangover is a good movie its a kind of comedy, Blow is a good movie based on a true story and others to the list would be the Fast and Furious series. It would be good if you mentioned what particular genre of movies you like so the appropriate movies can be recommend, or do you like all sorts of different movies?
Lord of the Rings is an excellent and also 300. There is also a second part to the 300 movie which I have not seen it is called 600, and I am assuming it would be as good as the 300 movie.


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I watched it for like half an hour and couldn't stand it any more so cannot speak for the whole movie but 600 was a disappointment as compared to 300. It was a complete waste of time. Some people really liked it so I am not sure.. You might like it so give it a try any way.
Hangover is s good comedy but only the first one. Other good movies have been mentioned like LOTR, another to the list is Gladiator.
For some Harry Potter movies are simply for kids, but if you actually watch the movie properly once you will like them. I ended up watching the first one with my nephew and niece and honestly speaking I really enjoyed it, and even watched the rest of the Harry Potter series.
Apart from this I would recommend watching Italian Job and Ghost Rider.