Section for hardware, software and gaming

I am quite new to the forum and I very much like the forum, the fact that its simple and straight forward. However I would like to ask Admin and suggest that new sections be added to the forum, which include a computers section, that would include hardware, software and also a section for gaming. I know there are a lot of gamers in Pakistan so it would benefit them as well as gamers like me.


Staff member
That is a wonderful suggestion. I did have this in mind but thought there wont be any use as we dont have many users yet. Will add these sections soon.
That's a good idea, being a gamer myself it would be to interact and ask queries to gaming, and also section for computers would be most helpful as queries and problems related to computers can be asked and answered by forum members.


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Yes this is something which I was looking for initially as I had a query regarding my desktop. It would be great to have a separate section for computers.