Settings For Tp-link Router With Worldcall Broadband

I am using a WorldCall broadband connection and have got an old TP Link router from my cousin, and now I need to connect the two.
There is no box or leaflet with the router so I am stuck without the settings. I have done the quick setup but that doesn't work.
Can someone please help me with the settings for the TP Link router with my Worldcall broadband connection

First of all, you got to reset the router. Although it is something simple but an easy mistake made by many, which is the wires not being connected properly, so make sure the wires are in inserted correctly and properly. There must be a CD with the router, I am sure your cousin must have that, and when you insert the CD you need to choose the dynamic ip.
If it is a Wifi router then I would recommend that for security type you should choose wpa2-psk.