Sharing of smart tv connection

I want to avail one connection of smart tv on multiple devices. I don't want the same channel of smart tv on 2 devices at the same time. We want that different channels on different devices will appear at the same time or if appearing at the same time is not possible then atleast we can use one connection at different devices. Appearing different channels at the same time on multiple devices is possible or we can use at different time on same device or multiple devices? I can achieve my purpose through router? If I will share one connection of smart tv on multiple devices through wire or wirelessly then it will effect the print of the channels?

Smart TV does not allow two different channels on two tvs at one time. You can only watch the same channel. There is no way to do this using a router that I know of.

If you want to watch different channels on two TVs at different times then it is possible but you will have to carry the set top box to the TV and plug in the cables back and forth every time you want to watch the other tv.

Your best bet (if budget is not a problem) is DTH where you can have multiple boxes and you pay for just one subscription and then pay a set fees for the secondary box. It would probably still work out a lot more then what you would be paying PTCL but that is the cost of convenience you will have to pay.

I saw your other threads that PTCL and I understand what you are trying to do but unfortunately there is no simple way of doing things that you want.

You could keep the box set at one place and just run a cable to the other TV and leave the box there permanently and just change the channel and watch your other TV when you want to but to change the channel you will have to come to the box and change it using your remote as those remotes wont work behind walls.
Me and my brother want to use dsl with smart tv. There are multiple devices at my home. Is it possible that my brother is watching different channel and I am watching different channel on our devices at different timings if using smart tv at the same time on multiple devices is not possible? Sharing one smart tv connection on multiple devices is possible through smart tv PC application if we can not share it through set top box? If one can not share smart tv on multiple tv then he can share on multiple computers? If one will share the connection through wire specifically if the wire is long because the device is another room then the quality of picture will be effected? The quality of smart tv channels will be effected through wire or wirelessly if we share the same smart tv connection on multiple devices?